Begin discussing materiality of strings

Think of a worm made of strings

A space time worm that leaves a space trace

Each string is a loop that is a time point

Fused loops

Loops are like rubber bands not chains

Imagine colour gradation of loops into past and future away from current time point loop


Space time is 10 dimensional

We only see 4 dimensions

The other 6 are curled in the ‘inner space’ as a manifold which is too small to see

Alessio and group just study the inner space

They think of the 6 dimensions as 3 larger dimensions and 3 tiny ones

The larger 3 dimensions are the faces of the polytope

The smaller 3 dimensions are a 3d taurus and this is where the strings are/live

The strings are 1 dimensional loops ‘painted’ on this 3d taurus

The tiny strings can move between the larger 3d spaces (faces of polytope) by connecting to space time worm of other 3d space, at the boundary where 2 3d spaces meet in 4d space



In the middle of the faces of the polytope there is a grid

A wavy grid

A wavy, sense of quantum, wavy grid

Inside the grid are worms within worms showing process of strings

On the face of the polytope

Inside the donut (how do we see/imagine/draw a 3d donut?)