This light was reflected in all the mirrors; but more especially from one great concave mirror in the middle of the front wall, which caught the rays of the light and threw them into the little mirrors, where they sparkled like so many diamonds.

Full of surprise Pancho approached that mirror and saw his own image reflected, although magnified into superhuman dimensions. While his attention was directed intensely toward that mirror, and while he was wondering about this strange phenomenon, his consciousness became suddenly centred in that image, and then it seemed to him as if he himself were that image, looking out of the mirror, and he beheld his figure reflected from all the little mirrors along the walls.

It was found, also, that the shape of the brain, at the foundation-point, was of the same general form or shape as the earth on which we dwell; that is to say, an oblate spheroid, whence, by experiment, it was deduced that such section of a figure, oblately spheroidal, was also the very best form of a magic mirror. Such a figure having two mathematically true and absolutely certain foci, so that a stream of magnetism being thrown upon one focus slid along the surface and returned to the centre of the other focus, from the centre of the fore-brain, thus completing a magnetic circuit and rendering the portion of brain in the line of contact exceedingly active, by reason of its increased magnetic play and motion of the brain-particles there situate.